What is

Menuplan is your guide in the kitchen,
it helps you to save time
and to rediscover the pleasure of cooking
without the stress of having to think about it yourself, every night.

Weekly menus (and more)
with the shopping list
For a super organized week!

Shopping is easier with the list of ingredients and the sum of quantities.
You also avoid wasting food because you buy only what you need

Rediscover the pleasure of cooking with ever-changing recipes,
Save money and eat better by (almost) never cooking the same things over and over again!

Why Menuplan.

Claudia Carugati


Menuplan.it was born because I was tired: of always cooking the same things, of always having to think about it myself, tired of having lost the pleasure of being busy in the kitchen. I’m a working mom and blah blah blah, usual things that more or less unite us all in these times so full of things to do! And since a written plan takes the stress out of any situation, I set to work and created my own personal recipe archive and then began to create weekly menus with the list of ingredients for all the recipes in the menu – so I could be quicker when grocery-shopping.

When I realized how much my week had improved with meal planning and grocery shopping, I thought my work could be useful to someone else as well: and so this blog was born.

How It Works.

5 meals for a super organized week! for each meal there is either a recipe for the main course and a recipe for a side dish or single course; recipe instructions are written simply and in the most logical sequence.
ps: I usually try to post a new menu once a week but since I have a “real” job 😅 register to the newsletter or follow me on whichever social you like to be updated 

Choose exaclty what you need

In the“find your menu” section, first select if you need a menu for one week, one night or for the weekend.
Choose among various features (how much time you have, your ability and your cooking style…) you will find one or more results

Find your ideal menu

Read the recipes and if you like them click on the image! The link will open the store page where you can download the menu with the shopping list.
I decided to ask for a little contribution for each menu, that will not probably pay my bills but hey! at least I might pay my web hosting 

Shopping will be easier and you will buy only what you need, while fighting food waste!

Along with the meals recipes you will find the shopping list, organized by food type and with the sum of the quantities.
Recipes are always for 4 ppl, unless otherwise noted.

Enjoy your cooking, stress-free!

I choose recipes made specifically to make our lives easier! With your shopping list nice and ready, you just have to enjoy meals that are always varied and most importantly healthy, because you will always know what the ingredients are!

Depending on your needs,
choose the type of kitchen.


5 meals (8 or 10 recipes in total)
+ shopping list


4 meals (4 or 6 recipes in total)
+ shopping list


1 meal (1 or 2 recipes in total)
+ shopping list

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    Menuplan’s Stress Management Pathway allows you to say goodbye to stress in 4 weeks. If you have chosen to follow Menuplan, you know that with the weekly menus I try to make our lives easier, at least for grocery shopping and in the kitchen. A written plan takes the stress out of any situation, but on the other hand, to feel good psychophysically as well, menus alone are definitely not enough.


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    you won’t have to worry about
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    You will learn some techniques of
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