are we done with cooking, forever? 😱

Last week I was looking for 2022 updated information on home food delivery, I wanted to see how much the situation had changed from when I talked about it in this blog article in 2019, especially after these two years that forced us to replace visiting our favorite restaurant with food delivery (at least for the lucky ones who could take advantage of it).

Instead, I came across a 2018 UBS Bank research report, where they estimated that by 2030 the delivery market could be worth $365 billion, even going so far as to claim that “the kitchen is dead.”

Fortunately, my mother disagreed with me on this; I can’t report what she said to me in Venetian dialect when I told her about it – but I was very happy that in reaction – superstitious I think – she made me a pan of lasagna.

I really like going to restaurants, I like less the feeling evoked by the name dark kitchens: I don’t know why but I imagine small cooking workshops hidden in cellars and basements 🤦‍♀️

What a bad prediction, though! Can we scaramantically prove that cooking is by no means dead, at least among those of us who care about cooking what we eat?

I can’t be like my mother and cook you a pan of lasagna, but can the weekly menu of 5 meals with average preparation time of 27.4 minutes be enough?

I hope so!

Click below to download the planned menu for 5 evenings with the shopping list ready for the supermarket 🙂

Weekly menu recipes from max 35 minutes

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