Sunday menu…so to speak!

sunday menu

This Sunday menu would definitely not have the approval of our grandmothers…unless they served you sandwiches for lunch! I know, it may not sound like the best, but I assure you it will not! And then this has been such a messy week that the only thing I want to do this weekend is to relax. Whether we love to cook or hate to cook, there are days when it really is the last thing we want to do. At least, that’s how it is for me-but I know I’m in good company, right?
When it happens you have to find solutions to spend as little time as possible at the stove. The solution I found for this weekend was to look for super easy recipes for both lunch and dinner. I hope you are not the kind of people who have to eat sandwiches during the week, because then you will have to look for another menu among those published…

Here is our Sunday menu (…so to speak) for this weekend

Sunday lunch – 38 minutes tot.
Turkey club sandwich
Ortolan frittata sandwich

Sunday evening – 35 minutes tot.
Cantonese rice

ps: I plan to order myself a nice pizza delivery on Saturday anyway!

The menu for 4 people with the recipes explained step by step and the shopping list can be downloaded at the link below:


Sunday menu for 4 - easy recipes

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