Weekly menu of unusual (but easy!) recipes.

Weekly winter menu easy recipes

Good morning! I finally resumed this weekly appointment to make our lives easier in the kitchen…. I was looking forward to resuming posting my weekly menus with a shopping list!

After the first few days with the novelty of the Stress Management Pathway we return to normal!

For this week I felt like unusual but easy recipes, so the weekly menu is actually very easy (recipes are 37 minutes max.) but with original recipes, such as the Pesto pancakes with salmon and Philadelphia:  are perfect for surprising dinner guests without too much effort, but do you know they are great for kids too? (They may not like salmon, but of course you can also substitute it with very thinly sliced raw or even just cheese…)

I discovered the recipe thanks to my friend Stefi, who offers it in the very nice place where I go as soon as I can and which is called Ofelè (if you happen to pass by Milan, you can’t skip a visit!).

Other multi-day menu meal recipes are:

– a fennel and sea bass velouté, light and very delicate (35 minutes)

orecchiette anchovies and cauliflower with pagrattato (30 minutes)

Sauteed rice with shrimp and pineapple (30  minutes)

lemon chicken breasts (37 minutes)

I recently started making two versions of the menu with multiple meals, because the print one always seemed too basic, so without pictures as it was… and so below you find two weekly menus to download: one with graphics and pictures and one with simpler, no-frills descriptions and text but with the grocery list ready for the supermarket:

Weekly menu with shopping list Weekly menu graphic version

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