Weekly menu: recipes with avocados

Avocado toast

This WEEKLY MENU of recipes with avocados came to my mind after reading an extract from a search of theIllinois Institute of Technology whose findings were published last week: “…meals that include avocados instead of refined carbohydrates can significantly suppress hunger and increase meal satisfaction in overweight or obese adults.”

Avocados – for those who are not familiar with them – are rich in folic acid, which is essential for cellular health, contain vitamins and minerals (they have more potassium than bananas), and are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, like those in olive oil, to be clear. A good reason to prepare recipes with avocados more often.

It is a seasonal fruit (yes, not a vegetable) native to South America found in October in the fall varieties (Zutano, Fuerte, Bacon) and then from January until April-May with the Hass variety.

Better to take this into account so as not to buy a fruit that is not very tasty or worse, bad to eat.

Only problem: the increase in demand is creating alarm because of intensive cultivation; so it would be nice if we decided not to eat avocados all year round, buying as many as possible of those grown in Italy.

Useful info for using avocado

To prepare it, best to cut it lengthwise, rotate it to separate the two halves then remove the core and peel it with a knife. Hass avocados have thicker skins, and in this case a spoon can be used to easily scoop out the pulp.

Should you purchase an unripe one, simply wrap the avocado in a sheet of newspaper for one or at most two days-you will see that it will become soft and ready for guacamole! If, on the other hand, it remains hard as a rock, well–as also happens to some human beings–probably it will never mature 🙂

One last curiosity: it is possible to germinate avocado seed by dipping it half in water to plant it later in pots, as you see below:

Weekly menu

But now we come to the menu for multiple days of this week: in every meal I have included at least one recipe with avocado; the result is all in all a mix of quick and easy-to-make recipes: The recipe for cilantro salad dressing is : . Which if you don’t like it later or anyway to not eat avocados every day, you can also eliminate, because most of the recipes can be made without it.

To download the weekly menu with supermarket-ready shopping list, click on the button below:

Weekly menu with shopping list

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