Weekly menu style: I cook, because I have to! 😅

You don’t know how often I don’t feel like cooking. The alternative, however, would be to order and spend money on less-than-healthy food, partly because I sure as hell wouldn’t order a salad…. so I developed a weekly menu with winter recipes: super-tested and easy to prepare…

Not surprisingly, I put the “recipe” for piadinas with raw mozzarella and tomatoes (which you can easily substitute if you don’t feel like buying vegetables that are not in season..).

La tagliata with arugula and pesto and a quick pasta with swordfish , recipes that are just basic and that I have made a thousand times .. the most complicated one is the potato omelet because you have to peel and dice them, honestly I wouldn’t feel like doing that either, maybe I’ll end up making a regular omelet… 😂

The recipe for spiced vegetables with basmati rice is all in all easy and delicious, even to take to the office. The spices I used to prepare it, curry aside, are Garam masala, turmeric, ginger: all of them have crazy properties and affordable to everyone, if you then learn to dose them and mix them in the right way, the taste of the dishes will never be monotonous.

Below you can download the weekly menu with winter recipes, the shopping list can be found in the print version.

Weekly menu version with pictures Weekly menu with shopping list


Have a good week!


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